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01/28/2011 diary….

Dear diary today Ares helped us put everything in order , home , bar…. is a good guy!

He told us his family’s story ….. her mother died three years ago!

His father abandoned him ….

He lives in Los Angeles alone ….

Sara offered him a job at the bar!i love this……. he and I work together every day! 🙂 🙂


01/26/2011 diary….

dear diary

the storm is over ….. there was the earthquake, the fury of nature has struck up los angeles!

My sister and I we could not understand why …. who is our enemy?

now I’m going to go out and see if there are damages to our bar!



wait …. someone is ringing the door!


incredible …. it’s ares! What  is he doing here?


We’ve gone back 21 years.

We are in a hotel room a girl under the covers of a beautiful queen-size bed … on her neck is anecklace with the symbol for infinity.

In the bathroom we hear the shower being closed.

The door opens a guy with at owel around his waist comes out.

The shot begins from the towel and it slowly moves up to his face.

It is Ares!

ERIKA (SARA AND CHRISTY’S MOTHER) : how was the shower?

ARES : exactly like our night together,perfect.

Ares gets closes and he climbs in bed.

The two share a long and passionate kiss then Erika dismisses him, she is sorry

ERIKA : jensen you know that we can no longer see each other

ARES : Why is that?+

ERIKA : because I am married and my husband comes back tonight

ARES : you are married, of course …..and where was your husband tonight? who was under the covers with you,him? And what about when you said you love me?

Ares looks upset and nervous

ERIKA : Oh, now don’t start.

ARES : if I were him, I would never leave you, not even to go to work. and what does he do? he takes and leaves for months

ERIKA : it’s his work and you know it!

ARES : No I don’t know! and I still don’t understand it.

ERIKA : jensen please, if you care about me you have to let me go.

Ares turns away.

Erika gets out of bed, slips into a blue dress and puts her shoes on.

She takes her bag.

She approaches Ares to say goodbye one more time, but he turns away so as not to even see her leave.

Erika takes off her infinity-shaped necklace and leave it on the bed.



ERIKA : this will remind you of me.

A tear rolls down from Erika’s eyes.

She heads toward the door, opens it, and then turns again to Ares

ERIKA : we must pretend that this night never happened

Erika goes out and closes the door behind her Ares looks at the door and starts to laugh

ARES : too late to forget witch! this night has just begun …..

01/25/2011 diary…

dear diary, I’m looking for a spell, something , but it’s hard….who is our enemy????

I would like the help of our mother, she was a powerful witch…..

Ares is driving home on his mini cooper.

At some point, he is attracted by an argument on the side of the road.

Ares approaches the scene and he gets out of the car.

A group of 12 people are arguing heatedly for trifles, nonsense, all against one other.

A girl draws the attention of Ares.

She is a young woman, blonde, blue eyes, beautiful smile,wearing a white dress, almost transparent, very exciting.

The girl seems interested in the discussion, but she does not seem to be part of it.

Ares approaches her

ARES : hello, can I move closer to you or will we also end up killing ourselves like them?

AMANDA : That depends on your intentions Ares!

Ares immediately becomes serious; he is surprised that she knows his name.

his gaze turns nasty, and he turns cold with a menacing attitude and arrogant tone, Ares turns to the girl

ARES : You have 5 seconds to tell me who you are

AMANDA : or else?

ARES : or else, that little whore’s dress will be the last thing you’ll ever wear

AMANDA : do you think you can scare me because of who your father is?

ARES : if you were at least a little smart, you would answer my question.

AMANDA : ares, ares, ares ….I still remember the first time that I held you in my arms, you were so cuteand sweet …..and to think that it would have taken so little to get rid of you then … not that it’s difficult now …

ARES : you held me in your arms?

AMANDA : have you ever wondered who it was that ripped you from your father’s arms the day of your presentation?

Amanda’s words echo in the boy’s head Ares has forever been seeking the culprit of his abduction, and now she is standing in front of him.

A burning anger takes over his body and his mind. the sky begins to fill with clouds,daylight decreases sharply.

Amanda looks at Ares and smiles,not at all frightened and all the people around them continue to argue with each other of what is happening, as if they were under a spell.

AMANDA : You know, I always found the way you operate fascinating. You have such control over natural events, just like your father

ARES : I’ll ask you again, who the hell are you?

AMANDA : I am above your powers, how ever powerful they are.

ARES : Who the hell are you bitch!

Amanda continues to have a friendly attitude and to smile as if to make fun of the boy

AMAND : Aarrogant, conceited, handsome with a mix of malice and magic power.

you could be my ideal type.

The sky gets darker and darker, by now darkness has come.

The street lights are on, and the sky is lit by lightning..

People continue to argue passionately.

The noise they make annoys the son of Zeus, so Ares turns toward them, his eyes turn bright red, and each person begins to burn in flames,without a cry, and while they burn, they continue to argueamong themselves, until the fire reduces them to ash and bone. Ares observes them until the last person is dead, then he turns to Amanda, but now she is gone.

Ares makes a terrifying scream, it begins to rain, and a strong wind starts blowing, so strong that in some places it can also move cars.

Sara and Christy who are still at the bar realize what is happening outside. also because night has come in broad daylight.

The two sisters soon realize that there is something magical about what is happening.

SARA : christy…

CHRISTY : yes Sarah I saw that.

SARA : What can it be?

CHRISTY : I don’t know, demons don’t have these kind of powers.

SARA : especially the tricksters that want us dead.

CHRISTY : I think ……. I don’t know!

SARA : if you weren’t here with me I would think that all this …..

CHRISTY : You would have thought it was my work. my god they do look like my powers.

dear diary, I have just returned home….

i’m wound in the shoulder, there’s hell out!

the nature seems crazy, and my powers seem powerless against it! I can’t control it  …




what demon is able to do this? who can control the nature’s force besides me?

for the first time since my mother’s death I’m afraid…..


I’m going to check the family’s magic book…. 

We see Ares sitting at a table reading a newspaper andeating pretzels Christy approaches

CHRISTY : are you going to stay here all day?

ARES : no, just until I get tired

CHRISTYI: don’t even know your name

ARES : My name is Ares.

Meanwhile Sara returns from running her errands.

.CHRISTY : about time, I thought that you had been kidnapped by aliens

SARA : try again

CHRISTY : What happened?

SARA : does the word trickster mean anything to you?

Ares is surprised by the fact that a trickster has attacked Sarah because he thought he had been pretty convincing when he ordered all the trickster to leave the sisters alone

ARES : What is a trickster?

CHRISTY : um …. well, it’s a type of dog

ARES : a type of dog?

CHRISTY : yes, a dog that belongs to our next-door neighbor. a terrible dog

SARA : And why are you still here?  how long does your breakfast last?Mr……

CHRISTY : Ares! his name is Ares

SARA : Ares? good name , unusual but nice!


SARA : anyway, little sister we need to talk in private, so Ares,why don’t you go for a ride and come back, say, for dinner?

ARES : ok ok ….. you have to talk …..see you at the next cappuccino

CHRISTY : oh no are you leaving already? what a shame!

Sara laughs

ARES : funny, very funny!

Ares goes away leaving the two sisters alone. the son of Zeus knows where to go. the trickster virtually disobeyed him and the son of Zeus certainly does not let these kinds of things go unpunished……..

01/24/2011 diary…

dear diary this day is definitely full of surprises!!!
My sister has just come back …. she fought with a demon!!!
really ,  sara was in the wrong place at wrong time……ehm 😦
Sometimes being a witch is fun, other times ….. God how I miss you Mom!
you know a strange thing?
when sara  came back and she told me about  demon’s attack ,  was  present ares, and he seemed angry….but why?  he knew about  demons or magic?
wait …. there’s something odd , …. I no longer see the sun …. and then , the wind is…..oh my god!
it’s impossible!
Sara needs me……see later!

a girl is talking on the phone with a girlfriend

GIRL : come on, that boy couldn’t take his eyes off you he was totally into you

Behind her, we see a trickster staring at her.

She senses a presence behind her and she turns around, suddenly she sees the trickster and the phone falls out of the hands

GIRL : it’s not possible, you again?

TRICKSTER : did you think you could escape from me, telepathic girl?

GIRL : what do you want from me? what do you all want from me?

TRICKSTERI : want your powers of telepathy

The girl knows she can’t survive the trickster, so she tries to escape with a trick

GIRL : these powers are becoming a curse , I’ll give them to you with pleasure , at only one condition, as soon as you get my powers you, and all the rest of you, have to leave me alone

TRICKSTER : but certainly

Both the girl and the TRICKSTER knew that after the hand over of power, the lower-level demon would kill the telepathic girl but she had no intention of transferring the powers and in fact she really just wanted to find the right moment to escape.

GIRL : for the transfer of power I need to create a ritual

TRICKSTER : well, I will sit here on this couch and watch you .

The trickster sits on the couch

GIRL : I’m going to get some herbs from the kitchen

TRICKSTER : needless to say that you can’t escape from me! don’t even try not even

GIRL : I know! as soon as she arrives to the kitchen, she flees through the back door fast-running down the stairs, she goes down three floors and she finally reaches the exit door at the ground floor where she runs into the trickster

TRICKSTER : I told you

So she hits the trickster with her phone and runs off into a nearby alley.

the TRICKSTER follows her

The girl cries for help, loudly.

Luckily for her, Sara is going through that alley to get home from the supermarket.

She runs so fast as not to see Sara, so the two girls collide full force into each other and they fall to the ground.


Sara’s groceries are spread across the road.

SARA : Hey!, are you blind?

GIRL : I’m so sorry

Sara realizes that the girl is terrified

SARA : Is everything ok?

GIRL : forget the groceries, we need to escape

SARA: And Why is that?

GIRL : Oh god, here he comes!

The trickster reaches the two girls

TRICKSTER : Oh look, I was chasing one and now there are two of you.

I don’t know who you are but this is your unlucky day

SARA : if you’re referring to the fact that I’ll probably have to go back to the supermarket, you’re right,today is my unlucky day

TRICKSTER : no, I am referring to the fact that you’re about to die and that she is about to let me have her powers,only to die like you, obviously

SARA : okay, today is really my unlucky day, you’re right

GIRL : we have to get out of here

TRICKSTER : go ahead, run away, this way it will be more fun

SARA : escape and leave my groceries here?and then who will tell Christy?

The trickster materializes a ball of fire

TRICKSTER : I bet you’ll run

The trickster throws her against Sara

SARA : I’ll take that bet

Sara raises her arm and, with her hand, she rejects the ball through telekinesis then, by another wave of her hand, she throws the TRICKSTER against the wall the TRICKSTER rises Sara focuses, stares intently, and reads his mind.

Suddenly,the witch opens her eyes and a surprised expression takes over her face the TRICKSTER understands that he has nochance against the witch and so he vanishes into thin air.

GIRL : Oh my God, thank you! Thank you so much!

SARA : you’re welcome!

the two girls look around, Sara’s groceries are beyond hope

SARA : ok …. I guess I have no choice but to go back to the supermarket

GIRLI :  will replace everything

SARA : Your not replacing anything, it wasn’t your fault

GIRL : but I made you drop it

SARA : You were fleeing from a demon because he wanted to steal your powers

GIRL : Who are you? are you telepathic too?

SARA : Technically yes, but that’s only one of my powers…. I’m a witch.

The girl smiles at Sara

GIRL : at least allow me to keep you company at the supermarket I don’twant to be alone for the next….20years

SARA : ok, I don’t know about the next 20years, but I can help for the next20 minutes we’ll go to the supermarket together

The two girls turn around and begin walking to the supermarket….

dear diary
My sister Sara is just out  to pay bills …. what a drag!

the worst thing is that ares is still here! i hate him ….. but he’s cute! 🙂

now i’m preparing the lasagne for the customers..mmmmmmm very good!!!