A door opens, very slowly, and shows behind it a landscapemade of utter darkness.

In the background you can hear the footsteps of a man.

Right after you hear the battle cries of a people at warinterrupted only by a baby crying.

You hear laughter, words from all over the world, sounds….a slight light goes on in the exact center of the room,giving a pale color to a book placed on a pedestal.suddenly the noises begin to fade.

A voice begins to tell astory

VOICE : there are forces in the universethat can change the destiny of allof us. there are forces that canchange our lives so radically……. assuming that our liveshave ever been ours!

The shot slowly approaches the book until it reaches it

VOICE (CONTINUES) : do you think time exists? indeed,what do you think time is? is it time that passes before us or do webelieve that it does only becauseour body ages.

And what if past,present and future did not exist?what if all of history took placein the same exact instant?

The shot has reached the old book.it gets closer and closer until the book opens …. thepages start turning while the overbearing voices ofchildren’s wars and laughter come back …..


two boys named ROMOLUS and REMUS are kneeling before analtar.

It is April 3, 753 BCROMULUS AND REMUSMars, god of war, in this placewhere we are born we are evoking you.

Father, hear our prayers andreveal yourself to us …the two boys are watching the altar with an expression ofresignation and disappointment on their face.

ROMULUS then turns to his brother

ROMULUS : brother, we have tried to evoke ourfather for months without success.

REMUS : I know, but without his blessing,we cannot …

A wind suddenly stops Remus , the earth starts to shake andthe sky is covered with black clouds.

Darkness falls around the two brothers.

ROMULUS : Remus can you see? this is thesignal that we were waiting for.

REMUS : yes I see it brother….and it is beautiful…the boys begin to recite an ancient formula in Latin

ROMULUS AND REMUS : pater invocatio tus natus cumimperio sum pater invocatio indicionem alicuius venio

Just as he utters the last line, the temperature quickly begins to fall, the leaves on the tree freeze and thetemperature of the river begins to cool until it reacheszero degrees and the water begins to freeze under thefearful eyes of the two boys.

The earth starts shaking again, lightning in the sky seemsto jump from a black cloud to another.

The boys begin to tremble, physical pain assails them,making them incapable of any movement.

Their cries are loudbut no one can hear them.

Their eyes become completely filled with light, then theyfall to the ground, exhausted without strength.


The two children awaken. it is just past midnight. it isApril 4, 753 BC

The two boys get up from the ground.

Theylook around with a pleased expression.

ROMULUS : Today is an important day! Today is the day of our rebirth! April 4 will remain engraved in history brother, not only because we got what was rightfully our birthright but because with power we can buildour home , our city, our family andall this we can do in our land that will take the name of Rome.

REMUS listened to the words of his brother, but kept quiet a mixture of fear and joy dwelled in his heart.


Mount Olympus, all the Greek gods are waiting for ZEUS toshow them his firstborn “ARES”

In occasion of the event, even ADE, god of the underworldand brother of Zeus was up on Mount Olympus. the festival includes banquets, music and human sacrifices. on a table you see two women tied together whose stomachs have been cutwith the name of ARES, leaking human blood, considered bythe gods to be the finest of wines.

Around the table drinking are POSEIDON ADE and ATHENA.

Looking to the back of the room we see her, the most beautiful of the goddesses … APHRODITE, with a gorgeous body, a face that seems carved, her lips seem to be curledin a slight smile, her eyes deep as the sea.

Aphrodite is the most courted goddess, even by ZEUS himself it was exactly for this reason that Aphrodite and Era were sworn enemies. around the goddess of beauty were APOLLO, god of music, and HEPHAESTUS, god of fire.

In front of the majestic table full of meat, wine, fruit and the ever present human blood, we find the remaining deities ,ESTIA goddess of marriage, DEMETRIA the earth goddess, ARTEMIS goddess of hunting and many minor gods which historyhas never spoken.

At some point the deafening noise of thunder leaves behind silence and fear.

It’s  Zeus, who enters accompanied by hiswife, the goddess of goddesses, and his son in his arms, whom he considered his true firstborn , although in reality he previously had already had children.

But this baby was different because born from his official union with the goddess ERA and not a child born from an affair as ATHENA for example.

Zeus looks proud as he prepares to walk towards his family to show the face of his child.

As he barely takes a step toward the gods, a mysterious force intervenes tearing the small ARES away from Zeus’arms.

Everything happens quickly, without giving ZEUS time to defend himself.

HADES, EPHAESTUS AND ARTEMIS try todefend the small ARES using their powers but the magicpower, obviously more powerful, pushes them back making themfly against a wall behind them.

We don’t have before us a real person physically, but rather a light, a magical spiritual force, probably some kind of spell cast by a very powerful witch the light disappears into thin air taking little ARES awaywith it.

The image is projected in the unbelieving eyes of Zeus.


the image begins again from the eyes of ZEUS, but this time we are fully at war.

We are in Rome and is exactly day zero of the year zero ,  the day when you switch from BC to AD

The war is between all the Greek gods obviously led by ZEUS and very powerful family of the Marcus, a descendant of ROMULUS AND REMUS, a respected and feared dynasty and greatexperts of magic.

We see only the final scene of the battle, in which a woman and a man read a spell in Latin

WOMAN AND MAN : in vincula conicio , impedimentum ,sine potestas , rerum potio semperas

Soon as they finish uttering the words in Latin, the woman takes a newborn baby and stabs him straight to theheart.

The child is the necessary sacrifice for the ritual.

Now the ritual is complete.

A blinding light illuminates thesky while darkness surrounds the Greek gods.

It is a scene that resembles the end of the world, surreal,as if heaven and hell were both on earth at the same time.

ZEUS tries to unleash his anger hitting the two brotherswith lightning.

The brothers fall to the ground lifeless,but this does not stop the magic now begun.

Light and darkness merge into a spectacular union of forces,making the Greek gods disappear forever.

Obviously the gods are not dead because they are immortal, but they are trapped in the afterlife with no way out.

The only way out was in fact that a member of the family of Marcus, or one of their descendants, breaks the spell.


we see before us a narrow and dark alley.

The only signs that illuminate the road are those of a Chinese restaurant,a Laundromat and a pub.

We see a young girl getting out of the pub.

The girl looks around with a confident yet suspicious look as if waiting for someone or something.

She walks towards her car parked at the very end of the alley.

Suddenly she stops, a smile appears on her face, and then she turns.

Before her a man with short white hair, blackseyes, an x-shaped scar on his face wearing a long black raincoat, black shoes and black slacks.

CHRISTY : are you following me by any chance?

TRICKSTER : I’m just making sure that nothing happens to you, you know these days a girl as beautiful as you all alone in an alley could make for some unpleasant encounters

…the man’s eyes suddenly turn red.

TRICKSTER : let’s just say that I always had aweak spot for helpless girls

Christy does not seem at all frightened and, amused, she crosses her arms as if awaiting the first move.

CHRISTY : it’s funny you know ….

TRICKSTER: What is so funny girl?

CHRISTY . you see… you have a weak spot forhelpless girls and I have a spot for red-eyed devils, do you already have plans? because, you see, there is a pub right behind you where you could at least offer me a beer, although I don’t believe that demons earn much of a salary!

the demon looks at christy surprised

TRICKSTER : Who the hell are you? Aclairvoyant?

CHRISTY: try again trickster!

TRICKSTER : Witch! Damn it!…. you knew I wascoming, didn’t you?

CHRISTY : You kill an innocent girl at the same place every Friday evening at the same time it’s not very smart…. you should update your calendar every so often.

the demon, made nervous by the brazenness of the girl, materializes a fire ball in his hands.

TRICKSTER : let’s see if you are arrogant with this.

the demon throws the fireball

CHRISTY : My God, how scary

Christy focuses, her eyes turn white, and the fireball suddenly freezes, floats in mid air, then falls to the ground and shatters into a thousand tiny pieces

CHRISTY : come on, is that the best you’vegot?  Surely you can do better than that

TRICKSTER : when I’m done with you, your sister will have to gather your remain swith broom and dustpan because you will just be a pile of ashes

CHRISTY : My sister? But wait, then you know who I am, clever! and heres methinking that tricksters were just stupid demons

TRICKSTER : you know, it’s hard to find two witches as powerful as you and yoursister, but it will be an honor to kill you both.

The demon materializes two blue balls of fire, made of pure electricity.

TRICKSTER : Try to freeze these!

The demon throws them with all the strength he has in his arms christy focuses again, then she look at them as they get close

CHRISTY : block!

the spheres of electricity freeze, and even the demon freezes, such like the cars driving by the adjacent street,people inside the pub, the Chinese restaurant, the Landromatclerk, everything around looks still, frozen. time hasstopped.

CHRISTY : you call that electricity?

Christy’s eyes become completely white again, then a suddenwind rises, the sky fills with lightning strikes that go from side to side. Christy raises her arms to heaven and looks at the demon with her eyes still completely white.

CHRISTY : This, is electricity!Christy abruptly lowers her arms to hit the demon and lightning strikes him dead on. Time is released and the demon starts to yield to the power of lightning. His body catches on fire, his cries are loud and they increase moreand more until he explodes. the demon is reduced to a pileof ashes.

CHRISTY : Okay, now let’s just wait for my sister to bring broom and dustpan,but definitely not for me, you son of a bitch.


The Matthews sisters’ house is a small house right on the beach in Santa Monica.

It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a small terrace over looking the sea.

The scene opens right on the terrace table set with milk, coffee, croissants and cookies. sitting at a table reading the Los Angeles Times, we see Sara.

Christy, stillin pajamas, her eyes still puffy from sleep goes out on theterrace.

CHRISTY : Wow! Croissants, milk, coffee,chocolate, nothing is missing,right?

SARA : What do you mean?

CHRISTY : Nothing, I am just saying that this is the perfect ensemble for a perfect breakfast Italian-style.

SARA . what can I say….. sometimes Ilike to remember the ancient origins of our ancestors.

CHRISTY about our ancient origins, last night I used a few

SARA : you used a few what?

CHRISTY : of our ancient origins. I fought against a trickster but I got rid of him without a problem

SARA : What have you done? Are you crazy?

CHRISTY : Relax. Tricksters are worthless demons, you know that!

SARA : Perhaps they are not very strong but they are still demons and after the death of our parents we promised ourselves….

Christy finished her sister’s sentence

CHRISTY : yeah, yeah, we promised that we would fight the demons together and not on our own, but that demon had followed me, what was I supposed to do? Say “Hey, wait demon! I have to call my sister so then it will be two witches against one demon and we could destroy you?”

SARA : Funny!

CHRISTY : No, seriously Sara, I am okay with the rule of “combat together” but we are witches nonetheless, and we will always run into demons that we must face alone!

SARA : yeah sure…. but …

CHRISTY : But lately the demons seem to have awakened from a long hibernation.

Christy pours coffee into the glass and then adds lots ofmilk, then she takes a croissant, cuts it and spreads chocolate inside it.

SARA : That’s true and it strikes me as odd

CHRISTY : What do you mean?

SARA : I don’t know. I’m just saying that if the demons have increased then maybe someone or something is behind it. I’ll try to …Christy interrupts her sister again

CHRISTY : You wont try to do anything! Littlesister, when Mom and Dad died in that accident…this time it’s Sara who interrupts Christy

SARA : but what if it wasn’t an accident Christy winces and continues

CHRISTY : Since Mom and Dad died in that accident, because it was just a fatal accident, you’ve given your body and soul to magic

SARA : what else do you want me to do?

CHRISTYI : don’t know, go out with boys.There’s a customer at the bar that always watches you while you prepare breakfast

SARA : Christy please

CHRISTY : What? it’s kind of cute!

SARA : Yes, it is, but I am only interested in our home, our bar and the demons I have no time for anything else! and then there’s you who count for two.

CHRISTY : Well, one Matthews girl must be there to rescue all the lonely hearts of our fellow citizens

SARA : you mean the lonely hearts of our fellow citizens who are young,handsome and nice.

CHRISTY : No, nice is an item that can be overlooked. the other three are indispensable!

Sarah laughs at her sister’s jokes and Christy continues to have breakfast.

CHRISTY : about the bar though, there are those fees ….Sara covers her face with a newspaper

CHRISTY : and don’t think that you can escape this time, little sister. Last time I went, so now it’s your turn

SARAI : know I know ….. can I at least have breakfast in peace since it was I who fixed it, as usual.

CHRISTY : Hey, are you or are you not the older sister? It is your duty to take care of me when I wake up in the morning.

SARA : You know, you’re obnoxious ….

Christy looks at her watch and sees that it’s late.

CHRISTY : Yeah I know, but I also know who loves me!


the tricksters are talking excitedly among themselves

TRICKSTER 1: Witches have killed another one ofour brothers. We must find a way toeliminate them.

TRICKSTER 2 : It sounds easy to you. the elder sister has powerful psychic powers,and the younger sister dominates the forces of nature. Explain how we can face them?

TRICKSTER 1 . I never said it would be easy, but there are demons much more powerful than us to whom we can turn for help

TRICKSTER 2 : higher-level demons have always disowned us, why would they risk turning against the Matthews?

TRICKSTER  : 1higher-level demons will help but without knowing it ,  we are a group of 15 tricksters, we could kill one demon at a time and make them believe that it is the Matthews sisters that are responsible.

TRICKSTER 2 : if they find out, it will mean the end of us

TRICKSTER 1 : if they don’t find out, it will be the end for us anyway We will wind up killed by the witches

Right in middle of the discussion, a sudden light attracts the attention of the Tricksters a boy appears from thelight.

The boy, dark blue eyes like the sea, short hair,slightly tanned complexion, long black jacket, from which wesee a white shirt, dark blue jeans, black shoe boots,wearing a necklace with the symbol for infinity.

His gaze is cold absent, as if lost in a vacuum.

TRICKSTER 1 : And who might you be?

TRICKSTER 2 : Yeah. Who the hell are you?

A third trickster materializes a fireball and throws it against the boy the ball hits him dead on but itdisintegrates.

The same TRICKSTER materializes two energy balls and throws them again against the boy.

But, just as before, the balls disintegrate as soon as they touch hisbody.

The boy seems immune to the powers of the demons.

ARES : I was told you were stupid demonsbut I didn’t think you were this stupid.

The boy throws lightning from his hands and disintegratesthe TRICKSTER that had struck him. Then, he turns to the other tricksters.

ARES : Just a warning. From now on, the Matthews sisters belong only to me,and you will do exactly what I tell you to do.

TRICKSTER 1 : Who are you?

ARES : I am Ares, son of Zeus.

TRICKSTER 2 : Excuse me, who did you say you were?

ARES : You demons don’t know your history,do you? all you have to know is that I can get rid of all of you inless than a second.

TRICKSTER 2 : Right. Now we get it.

TRICKSTER 1 : Why did you come here? What do you want?

ARES : I need the Matthews sisters, alive and with all their strength, so,forget your stupid and cowardly plan to set them up against the rest of the demon community, and help me prepare the sisters

TRICKSTER 1 : Prepare them for what?