We see Ares sitting at a table reading a newspaper andeating pretzels Christy approaches

CHRISTY : are you going to stay here all day?

ARES : no, just until I get tired

CHRISTYI: don’t even know your name

ARES : My name is Ares.

Meanwhile Sara returns from running her errands.

.CHRISTY : about time, I thought that you had been kidnapped by aliens

SARA : try again

CHRISTY : What happened?

SARA : does the word trickster mean anything to you?

Ares is surprised by the fact that a trickster has attacked Sarah because he thought he had been pretty convincing when he ordered all the trickster to leave the sisters alone

ARES : What is a trickster?

CHRISTY : um …. well, it’s a type of dog

ARES : a type of dog?

CHRISTY : yes, a dog that belongs to our next-door neighbor. a terrible dog

SARA : And why are you still here?  how long does your breakfast last?Mr……

CHRISTY : Ares! his name is Ares

SARA : Ares? good name , unusual but nice!


SARA : anyway, little sister we need to talk in private, so Ares,why don’t you go for a ride and come back, say, for dinner?

ARES : ok ok ….. you have to talk …..see you at the next cappuccino

CHRISTY : oh no are you leaving already? what a shame!

Sara laughs

ARES : funny, very funny!

Ares goes away leaving the two sisters alone. the son of Zeus knows where to go. the trickster virtually disobeyed him and the son of Zeus certainly does not let these kinds of things go unpunished……..