We’ve gone back 21 years.

We are in a hotel room a girl under the covers of a beautiful queen-size bed … on her neck is anecklace with the symbol for infinity.

In the bathroom we hear the shower being closed.

The door opens a guy with at owel around his waist comes out.

The shot begins from the towel and it slowly moves up to his face.

It is Ares!

ERIKA (SARA AND CHRISTY’S MOTHER) : how was the shower?

ARES : exactly like our night together,perfect.

Ares gets closes and he climbs in bed.

The two share a long and passionate kiss then Erika dismisses him, she is sorry

ERIKA : jensen you know that we can no longer see each other

ARES : Why is that?+

ERIKA : because I am married and my husband comes back tonight

ARES : you are married, of course …..and where was your husband tonight? who was under the covers with you,him? And what about when you said you love me?

Ares looks upset and nervous

ERIKA : Oh, now don’t start.

ARES : if I were him, I would never leave you, not even to go to work. and what does he do? he takes and leaves for months

ERIKA : it’s his work and you know it!

ARES : No I don’t know! and I still don’t understand it.

ERIKA : jensen please, if you care about me you have to let me go.

Ares turns away.

Erika gets out of bed, slips into a blue dress and puts her shoes on.

She takes her bag.

She approaches Ares to say goodbye one more time, but he turns away so as not to even see her leave.

Erika takes off her infinity-shaped necklace and leave it on the bed.



ERIKA : this will remind you of me.

A tear rolls down from Erika’s eyes.

She heads toward the door, opens it, and then turns again to Ares

ERIKA : we must pretend that this night never happened

Erika goes out and closes the door behind her Ares looks at the door and starts to laugh

ARES : too late to forget witch! this night has just begun …..